Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Entrecard answers the call of bloggers: MORE COMMENTS!

Entrecard answers the call of bloggers: MORE COMMENTS!

Excitement is in the air. The computers are smoking, the bloggers are blogging and yes!, we all have something to shout about..If you haven't installed SezWho to your blog , then drop everything, get to it and join in the fun .

What's all the excitement about?

What is Sez Who? and why is this so exciting?

. Sezswho is the Webs BEST COMMENT APPLICATION for your blog!

.Why should we care?

. Sezwho is going to increase the quality of your Entrecard Traffic l00 times as your fellow Entrecard droppers leave quality comments.

.Why is this important?

. Graham learned that a big key to a blogs success is the secret of comments. "Comment or get out of the Blogsphere"!

.Now, how can you make your comments good, interesting, informative, intelligent, and at times a bit witty!

. Entrecard is offering full tutorials and workshops exploring what makes for the best comments. Comments of quality.

. Anything else?

. Yes. Check out the Kick Off Contest and learn how you can earn extra credits. Read the information on How To Make The Best Comments. Collect some of those credits. It is so easy who could resists? Just read over your e-mail you received from the Entrecard team, check out the full announcement, and jump right in. It is a win/win event and everyone benefits immediately and in the ongoing future!

Have you already tried it?

If so, I would love to hear how it works for you, any additional suggestions to put into actions? Please comment and share your success with the rest of us! Thanks!


thebeadgirl said...

thanks for stopping by and YOUR encouraging words about my family! you have no idea how much i needed that! i love your blog and i will continue to stop by and be inspired!

GwynnsGifts said...

I have had a wonderful time browsing your blog. Your aprons are fabulous and your model is adorable. Who says you can't cook and look wonderful at the same time. Fashion and function are a very great mix.