Wednesday, June 18, 2008



I keep running into Project wonderful, Ad Sense, Widget Bucks .... sounds like some good possibility but I I would appreciate your comments about this. I am sure there are some pros and cons; if you are involved in any of these or if you decided to decline the opportunities please leave a comment and help to education me and anyone else reading this. Thanks, looking forward to your opinions!


Liza said...

i used to have the widget bucks shop on my other site. it slowed down the loading of my page. i had it up there for months but it seemed nobody was interested so i took it off. adsense is ok although you don't earn much, i think i had about $18 since i started and that's about 7 months, not bad though, considering you don't actually do anything.

by the way, im from the philippines ;) thanks for dropping by and your comment ;)

take care.

Waterrose said...

I use project wonderful. I just became eligible to have ads on my site. I think they want 30+ posts. It is working fine for me. What I earn pays for my own advertising. I haven't tried to many other just gets to be a time sink and makes me dizzy to keep track of all of it.

catfish said...

Payperpost and Socialspark have been the best payouts for me. In a month I have made $130.

The next would be private widget sales. I usually take the average unique visitors that I have on my blog and set a fee at 2 cents per visitor.

Vannie said...

hi! thanks so much for you help. i somehow get it already. hehehe. my domain blog ( is the one with the etrecard, by the way linked ur site. hope you don't mind....:)

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Vannie said...

try payu2blog, it works for me :) you can earn as minimum $100/month.

unfortunately, i haven't tried those you mentioned.

re voting, click here look for the POLL in the right sidebar & vote for VANNIEDOSA.


:-) MaryLou said...

I've only done Project Wonderful, and only for about a month. It's just made a little bit of money (although I could have started the price higher), and I've used some of what it's made to buy adverts on other blogs.

I don't know if I'll try any of the others or not because it's all just so time consuming!

Tammy said...

I've used pay per click before and it takes so long to make any money off of them that I just stopped using them. I just do paid posts now to the extra income. Try PPP and Social Spark, they are the best ones.


I am so glad that you did this post. I am going to bookmark it and sign up for some of these. I know nothing of this but it would be nice if I could eventually make some money.