Monday, December 3, 2007

featured etsy artist - QUIRKYNBERKELEY

I would like to introduce: Quirkynberkely --- one of our etsy artist who has joined the 90features in 90days. Quirkynberkely has a cardmaking business which was established in 2004 when after must prompting and encouragement from friends she sold holiday cards to florist in her town. She is a writer who worked with computer-based graphic design at newspapers for years. Quirkynberkely speaks of her passions: "I love paper. Love Color. Love Berkeley. Love Etsy." She loves papercrafts, and the process of making things by hand .. no computer. Her style is eclectic and she loves to experiment using different treasures from her collection of paper and ephemera making new and unique designs. Each card that she makes is a new and unique production. To see custom samples of her work go to:
Quirkynberkeley offers a beautiful collection of Christmas cards as well as a nice assortment of all ocassion cards in her etsy store . Please take time to visit her store at: and her blog:


SimplySaidBySarah said...

Hi! You've been tagged in my blog today! Check it out, its your turn now! :)

Have a great day! :)

karabu said...

She's one of my favorites too - what a nice feature!