Thursday, November 1, 2007

SOMETIME TRUTH HURTS .. but it must be told!

O.K. .... here is the truth!! Sometimes I get glorious compliments about how great I look in my aprons, or what a marvelous kitchen I have - oh, to be true - but all of the models wearing the aprons are dear young friends who are fun, darling, and so wonderful to allow me to take their pictures wearing my aprons. (As for me - take a peek to the right near my profile - yep - that is the real me). As for my wonderful home and kitchen, I think that most of you have figured out it is the beautiful Twigs Boutique that I work in two days a week. It provides a lovely setting for taking the pictures. Other pictures have been taken at a friends home and kitchen. So - now you know - and I hope you have enjoyed some more pictures of these lovely young women. I so appreciate their support!


marsha said...

I've always known how you look ... and I think you look GOOD! Your aprons are so chic and cool, they'd make ANYONE look AND feel FAB in it!

vivian said...

I wondered!! You're lovely!
Hey.. I tagged you.. its your turn to play the "7 things about me" game!!
check out my blog...
YOur aprons are awesome. I just bought some fabric to make one.. but I'm afraid to ruin it!!!