Friday, September 14, 2007

SOME WHERE OVER THE RAINBOW - Etsy Artist - Hip Kids Tye Dye

Rainbow Colors - Bright and Cheerful! Colors radiate sunshine and happiness ..... that is just the feeling you will get when you visit HIP KIDS TYE DYE Here you will find a variety of fun items - onesies, toddler dresses, shirts. Read how Hip Kids Tye Dye got started:Born and raised in Wisconsin. I started tye-dying about 10 years ago because I couldn't find tye-dyes for my infant son that didn't feel "stiff and sprayed on". My hobby grew into a craft for family and friends. After the hundreth chorus of "you should sell those" I decided to actually try and do just that. Tye-dye allows me to flex my creative muscle and is an outlet from my corporte day job. Tye dye is great for everyone but especially for children. I love to hear the words "the shirt you made is my favorite." Tye-dye is bright and colorful. It makes kids happy. Happy kids. Happy parents. Bright colors. You can't beat that .... Fun shop Fun to visit, Fun shopping:

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marsha said...

WOW! That's beautiful! I love the dress! I will definitely check out her store! Thanks for featuring so many wonderfully talented artists! I've definitely found a couple of faves through your blog posts!