Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sourkittenglass lives in Toronto and received her B.A. in Fine Arts from U of T. Currently she is studying Fashion Design at George Brown College. About a year ago, shortly after graduating from the U ofT, she took up the art of fused glass and fell in love with it and it quickly grew into a business. Sourkittenglass gets inspired by modern art, tattoos, and asian imagery. To create the pieces, she uses two traditional art forms and combines them to make totally unique pieces - glass fusing, and silkscreening. The silkscreening is made by using the photoemulsion method. To print the designs onto the glass, she uses a special print that when fired in the kiln becomes a permanent part of the glass suface. Upon graduation from her current studies in Fashion Design Sourkittenglass plans on opening up her own boutique and selling limited edition clothing and custom alternative bridal and evening wear. To view her current passion of working with fusion glass please go to : www.sourkittenglass.etsy.com. Sourkittenglass has beautiful work so give yourself a treat by visiting her etsy store.

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marsha said...

ooooh, I don't know why I've missed this post before...but I'm glad I saw it today! Her work is amazing! Thanks for featuring her cos I'm dashing off to her etsy store to take a look now! :)