Wednesday, September 26, 2007


May I introduce Heather of Joy De Vere Design .... I am Heather and I started Joy De Vivre Design after coming up with the name for a project in school. I am a few credits shy of obtraining my degree in interior design and have always loved crafts. When I was little if I wanted a new toy I would just get out some material and sew me up one! I have also always loved painting and drawing. My classes have given me knowledge of styles and colors, but I have always had the passion for making things pretty. I would love to grow Joy De Vivre Design on Etsy. Heather says, "I enjoy making things that people find beauty or interest in." Heather has the ability to bring colors together that are both elegant and joyful. Heathers other work can be seen and purchased at

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marsha said...

Love the vibrant colours used in her work ... very pretty!