Friday, May 25, 2007

TODDLER FUN: Tutus, Twirl Skirts, Bows and Aprons!

What couyld be more fun than being a toddler? Busy, carefree, adorable; especially the little girly, girl toddleer. Oh, she needs many cute outfits! Tutus to dance about, bows for her hair, skirts that twirl and oh, yes, an apron for cooking and entertaining!
What is missing? RINGS FOR THE FINGERS! Does anyone make this lovely little trinklets? Please leave a comment and I will get in touch and feature you. After all, every girl needs her jewelry!!


sheeps clothing said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your little girl is so cute and this apron is just the sweetest thing. Makes me wish I had girls!
Can't help out with the rings, but I do have hair accessories and other girl stuff.
Good luck with the blog - but watch out - it is addictive!

Made by Melissa said...

That tutu is just too cute! I love it! The aprons are sweet too. Nice work!