Friday, April 3, 2009

Feeling Blue!

Hostess Aprons .... Available at my website: I feel badly because I have been putting all my energy into my website: // and my other blog:

and neglecting this blog. I launched the website in November and am so pleased I have received several sales and I appear in some of the Google images. As all of you know who have a website it takes a lot of time and energy and thinking to create a presence. I am very, very open and appreciative to any ideas or comments on how to proceed in this undertaking. I know a lot of you out there in "internet land" are very successful and have some good learning experiences.

I would greatly appreciate your insights. Thanks a bunch!


Waterrose said...

I haven't visited in a while....your aprons are adorable! Now off to visit your website and new blog!

Gina said...

I think the best thing is just to network and comment at others blogs etc. that's all I can advise as your goods are sheer perfection, I love your aprons.

Stephanie Laissle said...

Link, link, link....Link your blog to your website, your website to your blog and also put your website and blog on listing sites such as; there are many more. Also, you can link other sites and blogs that you like to your website and in turn have them link you on their sites also. Then make sure that all of your Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions are filled in and include all keywords that describe your aprons. Hope this helps! :-) FYI...You're linked on my site at