Saturday, April 18, 2009

Entercard Advertisers .. Thank You ...

Thank you to the NON - PAYING Entrecard Advertisers. I just want to show my appreciation by posting your banners. I will not be accepting anymore paid advertising from Entrecard. I enjoy learning about a variety of different blogs that come through in the advertising. Again, Thank you to my Great Advitisers!


Tizzalicious said...

That is so sweet! :)

I accepted a few paid ads, but I have decided not to accept them anymore. EC paid ones are much nicer :)

MamaFlo said...

Thank you, Thank you for the link love, I appreciate you!!

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm commenting everyone who signed up for the comment challenge to see if you would be interested in doing it again in June. Simply comment my back to let me know-

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I just wanted to let you know that this weekend I'll be posting the June comment challenge button and linky. Have you picked up your comment trophy yet?
Thanks for participating.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the banner on your blog. I hate paid ads - defeats the purpose of hard work taking time to read blogs, comment and drop! You are the best!