Friday, November 21, 2008

Rasing Chickens - Have You Tried it?

Putting on the finishing touches …DSC07936 DSC07949

Shopping for the flock … Porter’s Poultry Place, Garden Valley, Ca (530-333-9129) e-mail:


DSC07924 DSC07921 Darci, explaining about the crown. This was one of her Exhibition Chickens but the crown was not perfect so we get to take her home with us. DSC07926Showing Bill how to dust the “vent” …. mmm, new word understanding for me.

Kati (Darci’s daughter)DSC07920

One of Darci’s Exhibition Chickens, crown not perfect so she gets to come home with us! Woo Hoo - we have a “beauty queen” reject!

At the Porter’s Poultry Place they raise chickens for eggs,breeding, eating, Exhibition Shows and for Kati’s 4-H.

Darci started out just 4 years ago with 6 chickens, and well, you see where she is today. She is a busy mom, busy “chicken lady” , busy wife. But one bit of information about Darci, you can put the lady on a Chicken Ranch but you can not take the Lady out of the Lady! Darci was born and raised at Newport Beach, California, growing up sailing boats. And just to prove it …. you will see a pretty nice boat parked at the Chicken Ranch.

This was a great adventure, driving to Garden Valley, about one hour from where we live. It was a nice introduction to our chicken experience. Darci and Kati are both warm, friendly, and eager to share about the care and types of chicken on their ranch. The whole trip was a delight … and now … “we are in the chicken business … well, at least eggs for breakfast … we are the proud owners of 5 beautiful, all different, chickens!DSC07930

The “girls” new apartment. One is hiding someplace, but they all seem to be pretty happy!

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