Friday, October 17, 2008

Blogging Woes!

Blogging Woes !! Have you ever been frustrated when things such keep going from bad to worse to unbelieveable? Ugh! Tears! Frustration! I have not posted lately because of a mix-up, or misunderstanding, or just being a novice with computer skills - but since Google took over Blogger (I think that is true) I continually get my two blogs mixed up and not able to sign in. I write to Google, thay send me to "help", my confusion grows, I write back and forth, seek to read more "helps" ..... Well, I finally was able to explain a bit more clearly and the Google team were very nice in their quick response to send me the information I needed and explained it in the simple terms that I needed. So - back to blog posting and no more ughs!, tears, frustrations.

Has anything like this ever happen to you! I really appreciate how Google was persistent in making sure that I had the corect information. Thank you to the Google Team!!


New England Quilter said...

OMG - that picture is too funny! I hope that you get everything figured out soon!

Anne said...

Sorry you're having blogging problems. If I can help with anything just email me.
I sent you an email earlier today regarding the contest winner and her details. Let me know when you get it. Thanks

Designing Hilary said...

OMG x 2! The picture is incredible!

Google has owned Blogger/Blogspot for quite a while ... but I hope you get your problems sorted out. They do have fairy lgood customer service.

Melinda Zook said...

I love the picture too.
I am sorry to hear you are having such problems; hopefully it will all get cleared up soon : )

TiLT said...

ROTFL!!! That picture is sooo great!!!
Sorry about the blog troubles:(