Friday, September 5, 2008

Black and White -- Always Elegant!

Black and White is always elegant ... and what is more stylish, or elegant, or so up to date than a lovely black and white apron over the little black dress?! (Opps, still in my jeans!)


Patty said...

What cute aprons! I'm not much of a cook or chef, but your aprons are very cute and if I was to wear an apron I'd want to wear these! If you'd ever like a product review done feel free to contact me for info on doing that.☺

Patty said...

You can email me at editor05 @ to get more info on a product review/blog interview.

gLoR!e said...

i was thinking that apron is a dress..its totally nice!:) i agree that black and white is everlasting elegant!:)

thebeadgirl said...

so, so cute! you are incredibly talented!


Anne said...

My favorite colors!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such lovely comments. Got Sarah Rose Tutus up on review today so check it out!!

Have a great day!