Thursday, July 10, 2008

Personality Feature ... Everyone Has A Story ...

Personality Feature ... Everyone Has A Story

June, the creator of

Cen's Loft - my thoughts and a little bit of me .... today's profile feature.

A little background on June: The first ten years of her life were spent in Scotland where she was born and later moved to England. Growing up in a family dominated by her maternal grandmother ... "a lady to be reckoned with!", and continuing in a family dominated by women, June decided not to continue in this role. June firmly believes that "life should be based on cooperation. We need to interact with the people we meet in life's journey and things are only achieved by working together not by force of any sort. I hope this is a message I have passed to my own children."

One of the points that stands out to June is when she compares her life to others it is the number of homes and places she has lived in... 34 houses ...! Places she has lived in are Scotland, England, and the West Indies. She feels that moving has widened her horizons and given her a confidence in herself that perhaps she would not have had.

My father was an extremely intelligent man, a scientist and mathematician who was also a pioneer into those new fangled computers!

"One of her huge passions has always been history. As a young child my father played, what he called "games" with me ... he was ambitious in this field. The best one was a little game with a homemade map that showed the decline and fall of the Roman Empire; not an easy concept for a 6 year old. "Dad managed to grab my interest and hold it with the tiddly wink counters that were my imaginary legions. I am sure that his enthusiasm rubbed off on me and my never ending love affair with the past began way back then thanks to him. Today I work as a Family History Researcher specialising in the county of Hampshire, England and I love it!"

June believes that Family History helps give us a sense of self when we start to understand where we came from; it show us we aren't just little islands in a busy world. So many people are woven into the mesh that formed us, many we have never known, but their effect is still there alive in us.

June's beloved CS2 is her other passion. "How I look at everyday things has changed since I took up photography and I really started to notice the world around me. The colours are clearer and I notice details that I missed before. From there the digital design just followed naturally."

June expressed that the thing that keeps her going through the problems and troubles of life are her family, her long suffering husband and her little guiding lights ...(well, not so little now)...her children. "I care deeply about them all and feel so blessed to have know my children from the start and to have watched them grow into the wonderful people they have become. Even better still I now have grandchildren who I find so much pleasure in. Family is impotant to me personally, they keep me connected and grounded if I try to stray too far from reality!"

What advise would I give to younger women...that's a tricky one! " I think I would say two things, be kind to yourself and learn to forgive yourself. Life is a hard road, full of lumps and bumps and expectations are so high now of what we should achieve. Everyone wants the perfect family, a wonderful job, a beautiful home, and so much more. Society puts pressure on us all to achieve in every field, constantly. The temptation is there to use our achievements as a yard stick of how successful we are as people... but don't go down that road!!. Be kind to yourself and accept yourself as you are...then go forward from there.. And smile as you go!"

"Part of me wishes I was perfect, lol, but I know my limitations. But, even knowing some negatives things about myself I can still smile because deep down I've learn to quite like me...just as I am."

As you can tell, June is very interesting, fast paced, witty; she has the ability to "paint a picture in words". You will find this same style when you visit her blog:

Cen's Loft. It projects the same energy, interest, fun and full of useful information and often times delightful graphic "freebies" that we can all use.

Why did I invite June to share her life with us - she is unique, she is special, she is one of a kind!


LindaJD said...

I have the privilege to be on June's CT and I would like to Thank you for this Insight into this lovely level headed, grounded lady, she is an Inspiration and I am Proud to say "I know her" it's great to know more of her no..:)

Anonymous said...

June has a great outlook on life. We could all learn from her compassion and understanding.
I love to hear little tid bits about someone I know.
She definately is a special lady.
Great Post! :)

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

June is more then unique, she is the BOMB and my mentor......
I love this photo so much I scrapped it up, couldn't help

check it out on my blog or here at DST

Happy Scrapin Day'
Kat aka TragedyScrapinAnne

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Thank you for all the kind words ladies..they are much appreciated! Thank you also to Corline who took the trouble to do this piece, she is the real star!

Carlota said...

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Kim's Scrappin' said...

June is a fantastic lady !! I enjoyed reading and learning more about :) Thanks for this GREAT post of this very SPECIAL one of a kind lady!

Meg said...

what a cute baby!! squish!

Elise O. said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm very happy that you like my designs... sometimes I worry about how many people they're going to appeal to because they're so colorful and so happy, but I can't help making them like that. :) Ha, ha.

Come back anytime!

- Elise

P.S. I really enjoy your personality feature, that's a great idea!

Admin said...

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Karen said...

June and I visit each other's blogs regularly. It's great to read more about who she is and where she's been.