Friday, July 25, 2008

Crafters Attention Please ...Opinions Wanted!

Handcrafters - Attention Please -

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The exciting new thinking for crafters, craft business, handcrafters is that the desire for unique, one of a kind, creative items is becoming more and more in demand. If you enjoy creating, expressing your artistic side, this is the time for you!

Trends and Fads

What is the difference?

Fad = the latest styles, the hot new looks. A fad is here today and gone tomorrow. Is it of value - by all means yes; but just realize that it is short lived.

Trends=staying power. You can count on it being around at least 5 to 10 years. Sometimes trends will start out as a fad but as people pick up on the idea it can move into a trend. This is what you want to watch for in your crafting.

Cupcakes=Fad. You will see CupCakes everywhere right now. From home decor to baby items. They are cute, they are fun, but it will soon pass. Have fun with it and enjoy it for now.

Trends=Things custom , Handmade, Unique. An example: Eco-Friendly Crafts. With the "going green" push, people are becoming more aware and concerned about protecting our environment. As a result there is an emphasis on recycled materials, sewing with natural products such as cotton and bamboo fabrics.

I woud love to have your understanding and opinions on this subject. Working together can benefit all of us. All ideas are welcomed!


Pensive Katie said...

I'm not a crafty person, personally. I am, however a craft consumer! I buy very few personal items anymore from any place but Etsy, and Etsy-affiliated businesses. So I thought you might be ok with me weighing in here.

I think the key for clever crafty people is to find that perfect combination at the intersection of fad and trend. Take a concept that is an overall trend - homemade, eco-friendly crafts that are timeless and useful (or at least completely adorable), and leverage the idea to ride the tide of any fads that come along. For example, if I made homemade necklaces, I'd embrace the trend of making them out of recycled materials. But I'd also have a plentiful selection of cupacke necklaces right now, too! :)

Capitalize on both, and you'll truly be crafty!

rockcreekcreations said...

I think a current fad is Scrabble Tile Pendants. I don't see the making and buying of these will hold out in the long run.

Just my opinion.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I think your definitions are clear and so spot on. So many things are fads not trends just now..and yes the clever thing is to mix the two and come up with a winner!

Amber @ RuffleButts said...

I have to say I agree with your descriptions. As a designer of children's apparel, I am trying to create a trend, but definitely not a fad! I think you are right on track.

Also, I wanted to thank you for stopping by the RuffleBlog. I sincerely appreciate your kind words!


Kathleen Milazzo said...

I agree. you are right about the difference between fads and trends. You can spot a fad a mile away. I'm glad you posted this topic, cause it's not something I gave a lot of thought to before.

Lucky Girl said...

I think one of the big benefits of making or buying handcrafted items is the ability to fill the needs of mini-fads. For example, there are many people who want to buy anything and everything with a frog on it. Not nearly enough people to call it a fad, but definitely enough for a mini-fad (although there's probably a better term for this).

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Thanks everyone for your input. It is nice that we can all put our heads together on this.