Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Personality Feature ... Everyone Has A Story ...

MamaFlo's Place Mama Flo's life journey started in Missouri, the oldest of 7 children. (1 sister and 5 brothers). The large family extended to two Grandmothers and Aunts who shared their love of life and made the children laugh all the time. Mama Flo's young childhood was filled with many fond memories.

Immediately after high school, in the early 70's, she enlisted in the Army, becoming a W.A.C. (Women's Army Corp) where she was trained as a combat Medic. Her husband was also in the Army and they have been married 31 years, raised two children , and are now enjoying the "retired life" together.

Along with five other women, she started the Army Reserves Family Support Program in the early 1980's as a volunteer service.

I asked MamaFlo what did she consider her greatest passion in life and without hesitation she proudly responded ..."raising my children." And now what she looks forward to each day is having another day to spend enjoying life with her husband.

Does she have any regrets? "Mmmmm.....I have no regrets, my life has been a journey filled with roads that taught me how to be a good person, how to give love, how to work hard, laugh often, and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. I am happy and content."

Does she have any words of wisdom or advice for today's younger women ..."Plenty. Don't expect life to be wine and roses; you get what you give. Marriage is work, every single day , with the end result hopefully being a mate for life. Parenting is an awesome responsibility . You are hopefully training another human being how to be a healthy, happy, educated, respectful, productive human being. Tell your child every single day from the moment they are conceived that you love them, that they are beautiful, talented, smart, wonderful human beings - every single day. The more they hear it the more they will believe it."

"Life is all about the Journey and you get back tenfold anytime you give. Have pride in how you keep your home, the happiness of your family, the meals you share, the time you spend together. You will always learn more with your eyes open, your mouth shut, your ears listening."

Mama Flo is far from ordinary ... she more than qualifies for being unique, special, one of a kind!

We can all learn from the wisdom and experience that Mama Flo has gained during her Journey in Life

Personality Feature is going to be a weekly feature; if you have anyone you would like to recommend just leave a comment and I will get back to you. I hope you have enjoyed the first Personality Feature.



I enjoyed this immensely and mama flo's advice is sound. I need to remember some of those things. What a neat person! Thanks for interviewing her!

maggie said...

How awesome. I have been reading Mama Flo from pretty much her first day, and she really is extraordinary. Nicely written and fun, too!

Craft Junkie said...

I so adore Mama Flo...and after reading this, it is no wonder. Words of wisdom and an absolutely fabulous personality all rolled into one great woman. *Thumbs Up* to your first Personality Profile...a great choice!

MamaFlo said...

Y'all humble me, really.
Being a part of the blogging community and having exposure to so many strong, influential women has been great for my spirit.

I look forward to reading more about all of you here on this site.

Thank You again for your kindness.

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

MamaFlo ... your are the best!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

I agree completely with MamaFlo's philosophy. Way to go girl!

Jean9 said...

Wow what a wonderful article and MamaFlos has many words of wisdom. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Ana said...

This was a great interview and Mama Flo seems to be an awesome person. Her words really touched me, we can learn so much from each other. Thanks for interviewing her!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

What a wonderful post! Mama make sense..if everyone had your attitude what a difference it would make. Thank you both for sharing the interview with us.