Monday, July 7, 2008

Free Website Grader , Free SEO tool

Free, Free, Free (I have republished this due to many requests.)

Wow, we all like somethings that is "Free" but, wait, just what does Website Grader and SEO tools mean?

Warning: This is only for a novice like me; no one else needs to read this! (but you are certainly welcomed to and maybe you can give me some answers!)

O.K , it took me while to even know what SEO stands for. SEO means: Search Engine Optimization. That is great, but what does that mean to me? The SEO is a tool that measures and scores how effective your website is pertaining to the following:

1. Your web site traffic.

2. The SEO provides some basic ideas on how you can improve your blog or website from the viewpoint of getting your blog "out there".

3. This third one is fun! You can compare your personal blog against any of your competitors blogs or websites. You just have to type in their URL.

4. It gives you a meta tags overview. (Now, I still don't understand this.) I warned you that this information is for novice. But, if anyone reading this understands "meta tags" please help me out and share your information; I would appreciate it.

5. Gives you some basic information about your Alexa Rank. (This seems to be important to many bloggers and web site owners. )

6. Gives you your Google page rank. Yes, this also seems to be important.

7, You can see your Domain age and how this affects your rank in your Blog grade.

8. There is more but if you are having fun so far all you have to do to get your score is just type in .... then follow the directions.

Remember it is free, no obligations, quick, and easy. Can't beat that and it is fun to know how an outside source views your blog.

Good Luck. I would appreciate it if you would report back and leave me a comment on how you did and the great suggestions you received. If you share with me, I will share with you and maybe we can help each other get better.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


lispeth said...

dropping by, no entrecard widget

lispeth said...

dropping by, no entrecard widget

Jean9 said...

I don't understand SEO either, I have been trying to! You have some very pretty jewelry items...Thank you for stopping by my page and commenting. I hope you are having a really good weekend.

Irene said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I tried it out and learned some things, yea!! I have been blogging about a year now, and still have sooo much to learn...sometimes I think I'll never understand everything there is to understand about blogging, seo, etc.

I really like your blog...good luck and I will be back often!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

thanks to all of you for your comments. Yes, so much to learn, but together we can help each other out!

History's Mysteries said...

Hi, that was pretty cool, I learned a couple of new things about my blog and some things I need to improve on. Thanks. and thanks for stopping by site.