Monday, March 10, 2008


May I introduce Gibea, an artist that paints on silk fabrics. Gibea is from Pamplona, Spain, and previously was a watercolors painter, but a few years ago discovered silk painting and in her own words, "I'm hooked to it!!"

Gibea creates a variety of silk painting items, from beautiful wall hangings to silk scarves, t-shirts and painting on silk brooches. For Spring/Summer 2008 she is experimenting with new things such as silk bags, shirts, and headbands.

There are different types of silk fabrics and the ones Gibea usually works with are pongee and crepe and occasionally twill, satin, chiffon and velvet.

Usually her designs are totally abstract and inspired in the world of art of that style; other times she finds her inspiration in nature.

You can find her work in her etsy store: and on her blog: and her website

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