Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FEATURED ETSY ARTIST - ContasBrasil/contascoein

CONTASBRASIL/ CONTASCOEIN ...... Exotic, Joyful, Irresistible ..... Two Brazillian artist, living in a tropical paradise surrounded by stimulating colour and brightness desire to bring this unique feeling to evey corner of the world. The artist, Suzy and Bebe, create beautiful bags and jewelry. The one-of-a-kind bags are a masterpiece of art and design. The uniquely beautiful bags are embellished with embroidery, colourful little dolls, butterflies, flowers, and tropical pearls. They are bright, bold, very representative of the color and activity of the tropical paradise of Brazil. In their extraordinary jewelry you will find a complex array of beads, glassbeads, vintage crystal, mother of pearl, and many other interesting combinations. To view ContasBrasil/Contascoein etsy shop go to: http://contasbrasil.etsy.com And their blog: http://contaskoeln.blogspot.com

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