Friday, November 16, 2007

FEATURED ETSY ARTIST - Vanessakimball -

Welcome Venessa to Etsy May I introduce you to Venessa, a charming young woman who recently graduated from Winona State University in Minnesota with a Bachelor degree in Art, with a concentration in Graphic Design. She was very fortunate to find a job right out of college since most jobs in her field usually require years of experience. As Vanessa expressed, "I have a love for graphics and paper, I really wanted to start my own stationery design and found etsy to be a wonderful outlet to do so and get recognized for it."
Venessa is off to a great start presenting her beautiful work in simplistic graphics for the holiday season and using traditional phrases. All of her work is lovely, I love the simple, clean lines, and classic look. At the moment I think my favorite is the raindeer Christmas card. She enjoys picking out fun color combinations to pair up with her graphics and she said , "when it all comes together it's really fun!. Her desire is to develop more in her etsy shop but because she is a newbee, she decided to focus mainly on holiday designs since that's what people are looking for at the moment. Her focus for the future is to make more "must have" items for peoople to use for their snail mail. Venessa has a love for studying other designs and to browse books. You most likely will see her in a Barnes and Noble, laying on the floor in the Art section paging through books. As a visual person, she likes to look at all the pictures rather than read a book on graphics. She likes to absorb then analyze all the design work and hopefully make a spin on it that defines her and her personal style. Venessa is definitely off to a great start and has developed a collection of lovely holiday cards and gift tags that you will want to check out for yourself. She also does graphic design for banners so if you need one or just in the mood for a change you might wamt to contact Venessa for this also. You can see all of Venessa's work at her etsy shop: And at her blog: Welcom Vanessa to etsy; I wish you great success!

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Lovely feature on this neat shop! One of the best things about doing these reviews is all the great shops we get to discover!