Friday, November 2, 2007


FANCY FREE ME - Informal...Liberated...Natural...Spontaneous "I love to create" .... "Perfectionest, passionate, picky - choose your description. I make sure evereything I create is something I love ...." I love the attitude of Deanna the creator of Fancy Free Me. I love the title of her store: Fancy Free Me ..... You can just feel her passion, her desire, her need to create! She has such a lovely store and offers beautiful, personal pieces of jewelry that you truly pick to express yourself. Her vintage quote pins are absolutely charming. And you can see her dedication in executing each piece to perfection. Deanna's quote sums her work up beautifully .... "... once you hold your new piece in your hands, you will feel the workmanship, the passion, and the patience that each piece exudes. Fancy Free Me offers a variety interesting pieces such as slide pendants, kimono/obi slides, necklaces, earrings, watches and more. It will be fun and interesting to visit Fancy Fee Me etsy store and a great place to find some great Christmas gifts:

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Barbra said...

The work you featured is just beautiful. Must check out the shop.