Friday, October 19, 2007


90 Day Featured Artist Challenge - Today's Feature: KuddlebugzThreadz Well, as Kuddlebugz did say "there is a North Pole" .... that is where you can find Kuddlebugz busy at work making wonderful warm and cozy things for all of your babies and toddles. Kuddlebugz's speciality is making fleece hats and mittens, warm, cozy booties, car seat covers, and tag blankies. All the great things that keep babies happy. Kuddlebugz loves custom work so you can contact her at her North Pole Studio to make up something special for you! All of Kuddlebugtz's work is available in her Etsy store: And you can view her blog: htt://

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marsha said...

oooh, those shoes and gloves are just precious!