Monday, July 9, 2007

APRON STORY FROM: Alpaca Granny of Northstaralpacas

Alpaca Granny has a great Apron Story; when her son was young he made her an apron in his home ec. class. She is now a retired school teacher so you can appreciate the time that has gone by since receiving that endearing gift. By the way,she still has the apron. To find out what Alpaca Granny is up to now please check out her blog: and Great places to view her yarn and to purchase. IF ANYONE ELSE HAS AN APRON STORY - just leave a comment and I will get back to you! Thanks


Alpaca Granny said...

Oh, my, thanks for passing along this story and mentioning my store. My son is now Dr. Smith, a college prof. at Scranton U.

tigergirl said...

The apron I have is one my Mother made when she was in school I think - no where near as attractive as yours but it does the job!
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