Sunday, July 15, 2007


Seven Random Things/Habits about me ..... l. I started turning gray in my 20"s. 2. We live in California (U.S.A.) on 39 acres (previously a cattle ranch) 3. The first craft I ever made was upholstered doll furniture; I made $1,000 at my first show! 4. That was 10 years ago when I first started sewing. 5. I was assist. cheerleader in my soph. year of high school. 6. I was head cheerleader in my senior year of high school. 7. I started pulling out individual gray hairs in high school (must have been all that cheer leading!) NOW WE WILL FIND OUT SOME FUN THINGS ABOUT THESE NEXT 7 PEOPLE THAT I AM TO TAG; 3.brazidesign.logspotlcom 6. 7. Your Instructions - Please list 7 random things/habits about yourself. Then choose 7 bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog. Leave your 7 tagged bloggers comments on their blogs to notify them that they have been tagged and then direct them to your blog for tag instructions. (Thank you and have fun!)


marsha said...

it's wonderful getting tagged isn't it? i got tagged sometime back too ... and it's pretty cool reading personal stuff about others!

and you were head cheerleader??? *cat whistle**pheee-weeeee*!!!!! ;)

tigergirl said...

woah, head cheerleader - I'm impressed!

I can't beleive you made $1000 at your first show! - you must have been stoked!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I had so much fun making the little sofas, chairs with foot stools, chaise lounge, round tea tables and 2 chairs and set with little tea sets, and beds - all upholstered; I got so carried away that I had a whole car full and just kept restocking - it was my very first craft show - I just assumed everyone did this and I wanted to be prepared - sooooo - it was a very good beginners luck!

PamperingBeki said...

Oh goodness! I've been crazy busy lately and had no idea I'd been tagged!

I'll do this. :) Thanks for thinking of me!

Soapylove said...

Awesome blog! I'm a fellow Etsy'er and am always drawn to sites about kids and fun fabric stuff. I'm glad I found you!!

If you need anyone to add to your list for the 7 questions, I'd be more than willing.

Oh, where in California do you live? I'm in San Diego, where no one lives on "acres." (What's that anyway? jk!)