Monday, June 18, 2007

Graygossie's Own Story!

GRAYGOSSIE'S OWN APRON STORY ..... I joke that I have second hand blood because I've been thrifting since a little girl. Over the years I've collected a lot o aprons just because they were cute. I only started wearing them recently. After joining flickr, (I am graygoosie), my creative inner self started to emerge again after lying dormant for several years. I joined some fashion and wardrobe related groups which lead to putting together more creative outfits. Then one Sunday morning at the Irvine Flea Market I found a back and white ruffle apron and it matched my skirt so I paid for it and put it on. People loved it! I then decided to start a group that was all about making outfits using aprons as the focal point. I was in luck because National Wear Your Apron Day was coming up so I invited all my contacts to put together an Apron Outfit and the group was launched. To keep the group fresh each week I feature a fun website and a blog that has caught my eye. I also actively recruit new members by doing searches on aprons and inviting ladies to join. (graygoosie can be seen on flickr. Stop by and see the fun that all the ladies are having as they are sporting their "apron" outfits) The pictures being shown are Graygossie, her friend, and her "boyfriend" of 30 years' If you have enjoyed our first "My Own Apron Story" and have your own story just leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you. Thanks, Mommy and Me Boutique

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